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Beat Name Beat Description BPM Buy Beats
Hung Up Big soul 91 Available
Versace Suit 73 Available
Hard Target Named after the JCVD classic 91 Available
Talkbox Champion 64 Available
Money Talks 80s sleaze flavor with the big horn stabs. 80 Available
Im Trouble Hardbody Gospel knock 81 Available
Stay The Night Hip Hop Radio joint. Killer synth work, clean all around. Light sampling. Co-Produced by @EricVanderslice. 90 Available
Ice-T's perm Bounce west coast smoothness with the harmonized lead, the cowbells, the ill bassline, that good stuff. 83 Available
Regrets No Sample Rap music for white folks 89 Available
You Are No sample rap music for white folks 91 Available
Queens Story Smooth musical track with builds and breakdowns. NY street shit 90 Available
I Got You (Anytime) Mid-Tempo Soul flavor with an uplifting feel to it 93 Available
Church Preach! Huge gospel soulful track. Live drum vibe, dope bassline. Big stuff, big tings 86 Available
Fox News Smooooooooooth 89 Available
R.P.A.C Rhyme Pays Album Cover. No Samples. 87 Available
I'm Alive Sample/keys/bridge/808 filth with lots of changeups/building energy 72 Available
The Giggler Named after the best scumbag in Death Wish 3. Mad emo, dubstep bass under the emo straingz with the hippity hop drums 75 Available
Lean On Me Styrofoam cup music. Don't do drugs. 58 Available
Fuck With You Street single material, Co-produced by ENG 78 Available