DEREK BRIN, a Multi-Platinum Award winning Producer, Songwriter & Mix Engineer.
Specialty: Urban, Pop & Caribbean music.

PRODUCTION & SONGWRITING placements with: Jaheim, Jane Zhang (Universal Japan), Noel G (Sony Urban), Che'Nelle (Virgin), RuPaul, Robyn (BMG Sweden), Massari (Universal Canada, Middle East), Sy'rai, The Ojays, Innosence (Transcontinental), Billie (UK), Kelli Price, Keshia Chante (Sony/BMG), Dru, KristineW (1 Billboard Dance), Ivana Santilli, Dream Warriors (Island Records), Puya (Romania's 1 rapper), Andreea Balaan (Romanian Superstar), Keo (Romanian Superstar)

MIX ENGINEER credits: Neyo, RUNNIN (1 club smash by James Doman feat Dru & Lincoln), I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DJ & CLUBJUMPIN - Che'Nelle (mixed with 2x Grammy mix engineer Andrew Dawson), WHATCHADO - Chach feat SNOW, RUNAWAY JONES Album, Robyn (BMG Sweden), DELUXX - Degrassi Goes to Hollywood & The Next Generation, UNPREDICTABLE - Keshia Chante, RED BONEZ RHYTHM - Soca track for Carnival in Barbados & Trinidad (all versions)

Current placements:
9 songs on Massari's new album plus the bonus track released in the Middle East (Universal Middle East/Canada), Shazelle (Universal Middle East/Canada), Dru (Sony Japan), Jane Zhane (Universal Japan) etc

Derek Produces music internationally, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and many other territories outside of the US. He's riding on the recent success of Capitol Recording artist Che'Nelle's first crossover single I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DJ, an international hit featuring Baby Cham from Jamaica. He just Produced 6 tracks for the Chinese rapper JIN (formerly on Ruff Ryder), 6 tacks for Kitorah who sang the theme song at the recent Beijing Olympics, 2 tracks for the Canadian artist DRU and the current hit "BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE" for Barbados based Philip7.

He worked with Balewa Muhammad (now with The Clutch), Sekay and T.O. (Trakaddix) to deliver Jaheim's "DADDY THING" on his last album which entered Billboard's top 100 at #1. Produced & Mixed Kristine W's (RCA) number 1 Billboard smash "STRONGER" & RuPaul's last 4 singles. He Produced a song on each of the last two Canadian Idol records both going platinum and double platinum & Keshia Chante's single "Unpredictable" which went gold as well as the album. He remixed Robyn's first US single "DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT TAKES" which went Gold in the US and worked as a Programmer for Guy Roche/Diane Warren on the first Pokemon soundtrack (Double platinum in the US) and the Blue Streak soundtrack (Gold in the US). Derek also worked on the Diane Warren songs for the INNOSENSE album (Transcontinental/RCA).

Derek has also had many songs placed in prominent prime-time television series such as 'daKink in My Hair' (Global), 'So You Think You Can Dance' (FOX), and 'The Hills' (MTV). He also contributed to the first 'Pokemon' soundtrack, which sold 2 million copies in U.S. alone and to the soundtrack for 'Blue Streak'.

After many years in the Toronto music scene, Derek worked in New York and then moved to LA. While in LA, he did drum and keyboard programming for heavy-weight Producers and songwriters like Dianne Warren, Guy Roche, Jud Friedman and Allen Reich, Dan Hill & Jorgen Elofsen (Sweden). He also wrote with some of the better songwriters like Emanuel Officer, Marlaina Kemp, Storm, Lina, Mishcke, Siedah Garrett & RuPaul to name a few.

Derek is one 1/2 of the production team EKUE formed to develop Caribbean artists and released the first single "JUST A FRIEND" featuring J.Huggins and just released the 2nd single called ELEVATOR featuring Shazelle from Trinidad. Derek has also produced a lot of music for Carnival in the Caribbean.

ichat: loopdoctor


"Our greatest glory is not in never falling. but in rising every time we fall"

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed"
(in life, we don't all start off at the same place nor do we end up at the same place or with equal success. I'm just saying you need to look at an individual and judge him by his journey and his spirit not only the destination or the outcome. Just remember, some people were handed success while some people actually earned theirs and place value on what they've achieved.)

"Dreams become the life you lead"
Without dreams we wouldn't have the motivation to want different or better things in our lives. I'm sure those without dreams live boring lives.